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Monad: Free-Range Memories

Canon Memory #1 - Early life in the Ancient Nasod Library
You're in a brightly-lit room surrounded by tall shelves, trails of light and data drifting lazily through the air. It's silent except for the buzz of electronics and your own footsteps, bare feet against a cold floor, but you've grown accustomed to it. You consider this place your home, and you know every inch of it that you can reach, though the higher shelves are slowly becoming closer.

You spend your days reading holographic projections of books, tinkering with bits of machinery left behind, and sometimes, when you grow tired of sitting around, you clean or reorganize the books or try to see how high you can climb the shelves. You can talk to yourself and laugh and scream as much as you want, because there's no one here to yell at you, and there's no one to tell you what to do. It's only you, an endless supply of scientific texts, and piles of lifeless scrapped robots to keep you company.

It's not the perfect life, but you tell yourself you're happy, and maybe that means you are. The only thing you know for certain is that you can't leave, even if you had somewhere to go to. You're trapped, but you'll live, and for now that's all you could ask for.

You make due with what you have. You fill the silence, push aside the lonely feelings until you stop thinking about them. You learn, you experiment, and you dream of a day when you can escape and start your own life, something far more exciting and meaningful than remaining in this tiny space you call home.

Canon Memory #2 - Killing himself in alternate realities
You're standing in a bedroom that's familiar to you—or maybe you're not. Maybe you're outside in the yard, or in the woods, or at the center of a village alight with flames, so many different variations of the same scene that they mix and loop together until you're no longer sure where one memory ends and another begins...

But the one connecting factor is that you're here because
he's here. Just a young boy, no older than ten.

Sometimes, he only stares at you with confusion, curiosity—other times it's immediate terror, screaming, begging, trying to run away in vain, because the ground is already stained red with blood. You always save the best for last, of course. The other deaths don't even phase you anymore, they're only dead because they were in your way. No, you know the only death that can satisfy you is
his, over and over again, for as many times as it takes to fix everything, or until he finally understands that what you're doing is a mercy compared to what you've been through.

His pleading only fills you with a sick sense of glee before you wrap your hands around his neck, cackling as you watch his struggles start to weaken and he sobs out his last breaths, that expression of absolute defeat lingering on his lifeless face before you let the body drop to the ground in a messy heap.

And then you repeat it. Again and again, each new timeline a new method of killing, more drawn out, more
fun. You have it down to a science, but there's always some new variable to toy with, something different enough to distract you from that spike of anger and despair you feel every time you step into the scene, the feeling that everything you're doing is wrong before you wring out another life.

It makes you feel a little better, if only for a moment in time.

"Canon" Memory #3 - The events leading up to his death
Any part of this sample. For additional reference, here is an image of Behemoth next to the airship Sandtilus.

Monad Memory #1 - Vivisecting the Psiioniic
Any part of this thread, from Add's perspective.

Monad Memory #2 - Killing Ken/Torturing Kyouko
Any part of this thread, from Add's perspective. Someone please experience the pizza torture.

Monad Memory #3 - Raine's cooking, the most horrifying memory of all
Any part of this thread, from Add's perspective.

Feel free to request other memories if you're canon-familiar or if there's a thread of mine you think would be interesting, but please ask for my permission first before using anything besides the provided memories!