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Monad School Event Planning

Classroom A, Special Takakage Edition
with Takakage & Yashiro
- arrival (homeroom)

Planetarium, Option 2
with Peridot
- floating in spaaaaaace
- something else after ???

Chemistry Lab, Option 2
with Gintoki
- acid showers are fun and safe, good job breaking everything you guys

Art Room, Option 2
with Xing
- getting attacked by statues and standing in a kiln WHAT A FUN BONDING EXPERIENCE

Detention Room, Option 1
with Genis
- getting mad and violent and then feeling vaguely bad about it after

Guidance Counsellor, Option 2
with Kyouko & Ken
- Kyouko/Add are extremely okay with eachother and their current situation, which makes this the most horrifying experience of all

Guidance Counsellor, Option 1
with Raine
- water/ghosts fear exchange

Dissection Room, Option 1
with Sui Feng
- Add has a little too much fun dissecting his good friend Eve wow

Server Room, Option 1
with Rin
- Add gets rescued like a true damsel

Multipurpose Room, Option 2.1
with Rin
- paperchains and crying a lot

Multipurpose Room, Option 1
with Shoon
- immediately ditches Shoon to die a horrible death WHOOPS MB

Classroom C, Option 2
with Gintoki & Raine
- Add gets everyone killed because Gin being the only survivor is a fate worse than death
- leads into the most awkward nurse's office visit ever since they all explode and die at the same time, rip

Shelter, Option 2
with Roxas
- slow and unavoidable fake-death is fun

Classroom A, Option 1
with Rin & Roxas
- sharing secrets and etc.

Exit with 2, Option ???
with Rin & Roxas
- handwaved? handwaved.

Exit with 1, Option 2
with Peridot?
- more sharing stuff