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Eway Event Master Post (Old/Unused, 2009~2013)

Aradia Megido (Homestuck)

Leaked Memory/Information: Troll romance ohgod
Forgotten Word: Reckoning
Suggested Event:
Upon waking, characters will suddenly find themselves pressure to fulfil their romantic needs before the event's end. It doesn't matter if there's any NPC warning about this, they will be completely and utterly obsessed with this goal.

But this isn't just normal romantic interest. It's Troll romance. Which is a bit confusing and complicated, so I will try to summarize.

There are four quadrants of romance that everyone will find themselves desperate to fill:
- Matespritship, which is basically the troll equivalent of normal human love. This is pretty straightforward. Characters must find someone they love, or force themselves to love someone in absence of true love.
- Kismesissitude, which is when two people who absolutely loathe each other to the point where they hate each other exclusively. Kismesises are like adversaries or rivals, and use the relationship as an outlet for their anger.
- Moirallegiance, which is described as a fated friendship. Moirails are people who balance each other, keeping their opposite in line and defending them like a true friend should. This is a platonic relationship, basically just the equivalent of best friends.
- Auspistice, which is when a third party mediates the unstable relationship of two other parties. For example, if characters A and B are matesprits but A and C are also bordering on matespritship, another character (D) can act as the auspistice of their relationship to prevent infidelity. This applies to Matesprits and Kismesises, especially Kismesises, and one can be an auspistice for multiple relationships. Being in any kind of auspistice relationship, either as a mediator or being mediated, counts it as filled.

And everyone has to fill all four quadrants.

As you can probably guess, this is doomed to end in a clusterfuck. Not everyone is going to have the right emotions for people, or the people they care about might not be in the mansion, but they will be filled with the undeniable urge to fill all four relationships. Characters won't know the terms that go with them, but they will inherently know the details of the desired relationships and how they function. Characters can't share matesprits, kismesises, or moirails. What if the only person they feel that way towards already has someone else? Do they look for someone new or try desperately to earn that character's love/hate/friendship? Or maybe they try to kill the interfering party, or turn the relationship into an auspisticeship to ruin the chances of the others.

Basically, by the end of this I fully expect my f-list to resemble a soap opera. Also it's a great way to meet new people IC what do you know.

Leaked Memory/Information: Being a ghost/robot
Forgotten Word: memo
Suggested Event:
Everyone is completely lacking in emotions. They can't feel sad, or happy, or scared, or angry, just a constant emptiness and lack of caring. They can still try to be empathic or pretend to have emotions by remembering how things used to make them feel, but no matter what they do they can't feel any real emotions. Probably best as a short event, since basically everyone's posts would be "this is weird but ok/this is boring/*does jack shit*".

However, just before the end, all their emotions will come crashing in at once and suddenly they can feel EVERYTHING again, all at once, for maybe an hour or two before things settle back to normal. They'll be overcome with rage, flipping out and destroying everything in their path just to calm themselves. Maybe instead they'll be overjoyed, smiling and laughing and sobbing and hugging all their friends. Or maybe they'll be filled with crippling depress from knowing how easily their emotions are toyed with and immediately go about jumping off the nearest bridge. Or all of the above.

While in this concentrated emotional state they may also find themselves acting impulsively in the most extreme of ways, like confessing secrets or murdering everyone they hate, though they are somewhat still in control of themselves so it's doubtful there will be anything like killing bffs or making out with enemies (unless you're kismesises I guess).

After that all passes it might be a little awkward.

Leaked Memory/Information: FLARPing ohgodwhy
Forgotten Word: FLARP
Suggested Event:
Everyone is roleplaying. Yeah, you read that right. For the duration of the event, every character is roleplaying themselves.

Everyone is suddenly a completely normal human, roleplaying their actual selves. They know all their canon and mansion history, have all their powers and items, be in the same outfits--however, they're only roleplaying it. Everyone will have all the right (unauthentic) props and act like they have whatever powers, but it's all fake. Everyone will still act like it's real.

To make this slightly more confusing, everyone is aware all of this is fake, to a degree. They will feel extremely compelled not to "break the fourth wall" and speak out of character, but say if someone has a lot of ridiculous powers and someone else thinks they shouldn't be able to fire fifty lasers at once or whatever, they might argue with them in the middle of a scene or be slightly more polite and pull them aside. If someone is "killed", they can go off and do something other than be a corpse and be considered out of play/a ghost for a duration of time. Or they can make up some BS excuse for how they cheated death and everyone just thought they were dead.

Dicerolling, purple prose-filled scene descriptions and other extremely nerdy activities are not required, but certainly encouraged.

Leaked Memory/Information: BEING ROBOTS.
Forgotten Word: prototype
Suggested Event:
On the morning of the event, everyone wakes up as a robot. Yeah, that's right. You're now inside a robotic replica of your body, complete with metalbits and wiring and artificial circulatory systems full of blood.

Despite being a robot, character will mostly keep their abilities intact. As long as it's not a power that directly involves their body not being a robot (ie. shapeshifting, intangibility, invisibility that can't be applied to clothing/other objects besides the body, etc.), and as long as it wouldn't fuck with their robot-ness (ie. electronic interference), supernatural abilities will be totally fine and usable. They're magic robots, don't question it. On top of that, everyone's robotic bodies will be incredibly STRONG, meaning they can pretty much lift cars and shit with one hand and take boulders to the face relatively unharmed.

More important than superpowers, everyone will have heavily dampened emotions on account of being a robot. They can remember how to feel, and what they think they should feel, but as far as real emotional reactions go, they've got nothing. Nothing will make them happy, or sad, or angry, even if they know they're supposed to feel that way. Logic will take precedence over emotion, and as the event drags on they'll find themselves less and less interested in relationships and more focused on getting what they want or need.

At the end of the event, everyone's robotselves explode in a horrible fiery inferno and they wake up in their real bodies elsewhere.

ADDENDUM: Attempting to alter anyone's programming to give them stronger/specific emotions, which someone will probably try at some point, will cause the robot being altered to FLIP THE FUCK OUT IN THE WORST POSSIBLE WAY. Hilarity Violence ensues.

Leaked Memory/Information: everyone being incredibly doomed
Forgotten Word: green sun
Suggested Event:
Everyone is filled with an overwhelming sense of dread. If a character has any kind of precognitive abilities, they will be bombarded with visions of death and destruction of everything and everyone in the mansion, other people's worlds, reality itself caving in on itself, etc., etc. There will be no real hard evidence that anything bad is going to happen (though anyone can convince themselves a coincidental event is evidence), but whether they want to believe it or not everyone will have that creepy feeling that the world is going to end.

For hilarity's sake, there may or may not be some terrifying rip in timespace at the end of the last day, creating a gaping hole of death which threatens to engulf everything, which then drops a single sheet of paper reading BOOM before repairing itself instantly.

Leaked Memory/Information: being a Time player
Forgotten Word: musicbox
Suggested Event:
Everyone shifts to a different point in their canon timeline.

IF GOING BACKWARDS: They won't remember being in the mansion, since they're from a point before then. The only exception would be if they're going back to a previous canon point that they updated from, in which case they would remember everything before that canon update happened in the game. EXAMPLE: Let's say I updated Aradia to God Tier, having played her as Aradiabot for awhile. If I decided to make her Aradiabot again for the event, she'd remember everything she experienced in the game while she was Aradiabot, but not anything after her canon update.

IF GOING FORWARDS: They remember everything in the mansion + the future events in their canon, but forget everything about their after the end of the event (because they are now their presentself again and all that hasn't happened to them yet).

If you guys want to add a spooky mansion-futures for plot purposes, feel free.

Leaked Memory/Information: Lusii being things that exist.
Forgotten Word: custodian
Suggested Event:
EVERYONE GETS A LUSUS. I don't even know how else to explain that. Everyone gets a white animal-monster-guardian-thing that acts like a parent to them and etc. 'Nuff said.

On the last day of the event all of the lusii will die in some way, because that's just how we roll, and Aradia can't ever have events that don't end horribly.

Leaked Memory/Information: Being part frog a la sprite self-prototyping shenanigans.
Forgotten Word: Bilious Slick
Suggested Event:
EVERYONE IS NOW PART-*INSERT ANIMAL HERE*. EXAMPLES: dog/cat ears and tails, frog tongue and webbings on hands/feet, fish gills and fins or mermaid tails, centaurs/satyrs, bird wings and beaks/legs/tails, etc., etc. Anything is fair game as long as it's some kind of animal (fantasy animals like dragons/unicorns count). They will also pick up small quirks/traits from their animal, such as rubbing against things/purring for cats or barking at things for dogs. Fish people will probably have to stay underwater most of the time if they have gills.

If a character is already part animal, they now have more animal parts stacked on there OR their animal parts are removed because they are now part human I guess. Characters that are already 100% animal can be part human/some other humanoid race if they want I guess. Robots can be part robo-animal.

Ash (Phantom Brave)

Leaked Memory/Information: The six years Ash spent angsting it up as a phantom, looking for/looming over Marona
Forgotten Word: orphanage
Suggested Event:
At the start of the event, everyone will find themselves back in their home worlds. Time will have, apparently, passed while they were in Wonderland, equal to how long they have been there, and characters won't be able to interact with their surroundings. They can't be seen, heard, touched, or otherwise perceived by anyone or anything, no matter how hard they try.

Also, everything will be the worst possible scenario. If something could have gone wrong while you were gone, it has, and to an almost ridiculous degree. Were you trying to stop an evil villain before? Not only has the villain succeeded in every possible way, he's also married your lover against their will and enslaved all of your friends to slowly kill them off one by one. Trying to rescue someone? Not only did they die, but also everyone else involved along the way, with just enough survivors left to sob about their losses and loudly proclaim "if only (character) was here!" Adopting a puppy? The puppy got cancer.

In other words, everyone you care about is suffering and you can't do anything about it.

Oddly enough, computers accessing the Mansion's network will be scattered throughout your home, only noticed and usable by you. And if you wander far enough from (what remains of) your friends and family, maybe you'll find someplace new...

Forgotten Word: boar
Suggested Event:
Everyone has a catch phrase, which they will incorporate into their speech as much as possible, getting increasingly more frequent and ridiculous as the day progresses.

Azure Kite (.hack//G.U.)

Leaked Memory/Information: AIDAing around
Forgotten Word: AI
Suggested Event:
For the duration of the event the mansion will be filled with assorted AIDA. The black dots will appear throughout the mansion, infecting anyone they come in contact with. The infection can also spread through contact with any infected individual.

AIDA is a virus that targets the carrier’s heart, using their insecurities, regrets, or other negative emotions and memories to control their mind and cause them to attack and infect others. The more powerful their emotions are, the deeper the infection becomes. AIDA can be extracted by using Data Drain on the subject, though there’s still a high risk of killing the infected, but it’s also possible to resist AIDA by overcoming your negative emotions. However, the longer the virus has to ingrain itself, the harder it will be to force it back out.

One of AIDA’s side effects is an enormous boost in strength in the infected. It’s also not unusual for users infected for longer periods to grow extra black limbs, claws, tentacles, etc. This helps with the whole “spreading of the infection” thing—just touching an infected person is risky, and when AIDA is manipulating them to lash out at the people around them, you’re pretty screwed if you get too close. Anyone killed by an AIDA-infected character or killed while infected will be knocked into a coma until the end of the event (and possibly longer, just to freak everyone out) and it will be treated as a mansion death.

Also, for any characters with a canon ability to see supernatural things, they might notice the true forms of the AIDA looming over their victims (and characters form the .hack series who can normally see AIDA can do that, too, obviously… and anyone else who happens to have crazy magic internet powers I guess :|).

Leaked Memory/Information: failing hardcore at speech/typing/communication in general
Forgotten Word: twilight
Suggested Event:
For the entirety of the event, no one can talk or write properly. Any attempts at speech will only result in incoherent moans. Characters who attempt to write will find themselves scribbling across the paper every other letter—they know how to read and write, but no matter how hard they try their body won’t let them. Anything typed on the network will turn out equally garbled, with letters missing or replaced at random no matter what keys they press.

For example: Kite’s typing. H@#f 3he (8tt2rs a^% =4ndom s$m&*ls. It’s not totally illegible, but it’s also not very easy to read. Another character might end up replacing letters as well, but they could also just type out random letters that don’t even come close to what they were trying. If someone were to try writing by hand, they might end up putting in random symbols in place of letters, but they could also just scribble lines across the page. Basically, the level of difficulty characters have with writing can vary. Some may be better at certain methods than others (ex. Kite can type with some legibility, but hand him a pencil and he won‘t even know what to do with it), but overall it should be difficult to understand.

ALSO note that there is no pattern to the symbols. No ciphers. No codes. No l33t, I swear to god if someone uses l33t I will kill them with my fists. In short, there’s no way to detect a pattern in any form of written or typed communication.

As for speech… yeah. No one can manage anything above incoherent moans. As for fun stuff like telepathy, it won’t work. That’s what we call a cop-out B|

Lastly, TRANSLATION TO POSTS ARE DISCOURAGED. It’s just not as fun if your heavily garbled post has a perfect translation right below it, even if it’s OOC, because even if we don’t intend it sometimes we let IC and OOC leak with these sorts of things :< Keep track of what your posts say, and if you can’t figure a post out but think your character should be able to, contact the player for a hint or translation. Still, the point of the event is no one can really talk to each other, so if you can’t figure out a post it’s probably better just to run with it rather than ask OOC. Find other ways to communicate! Pictures, sign language, interpretive dance, whatever! If you’re good at guessing letters, stick with written/typed and make some wonky translations that end up with everyone talking about different things. It’s more interesting that way.

Leaked Memory/Information: AVATARS .D.b aka the Epitaphs, AIDA, the Azure Flame God, etc.
Forgotten Word: grunty
Suggested Event:
Everyone gets their own Avatar.

SHORT VERSION: Everyone has a giant, crazy looking entity that reflects their personality somehow. It’s kind of like Persona. Only not really.

EXCEEDINGLY LONG VERSION: Everyone has a giant, crazy looking entity that reflects their personality somehow. For the most part, it won’t manifest physically unless summoned or otherwise encouraged to do so. They can and will communicate with their “hosts” telepathically. The Avatars all have personalities, and how they reflect their hosts depends on the character. One character’s Avatar might act exactly like them at some point in their life, while another’s might be their exact opposite, or act like someone they admire, or maybe even someone they hate. Whatever the case, the Avatar’s personality will have significance. For example, Haseo’s Avatar, Skeith, acts a lot like Haseo did when he was ten. Skeith also symbolizes death and attacked many players, much like how Haseo is a famous PKK who’s defeated hundreds of PKs single-handed.

The Avatar can also control their host’s body. How much control they have depends on the will of the host—simply put, the host has to give their Avatar the opportunity. For example, Skeith takes control of Haseo several times throughout G.U., but before all those incidences Haseo either wanted his Avatar’s power, or was under immense amounts of stress. If a character was being attacked and unable to defend themselves, their Avatar might subconsciously (or directly, if that‘s how they want to do it) coerce them into handing over control in order to protect the host. It doesn’t always work that nicely, however—if a character is under enough emotional stress, even if they don’t need their Avatar to protect them they might leave an opening for them to take control. Basically, if a host is in danger or emotionally distressed, their Avatar can take that opportunity to possess the host. If the Avatar has already been summoned by choice, that only makes it easier. Tapping into the Avatar’s power more and more can also give it the chance to take over, since the host would be relying on their power and already giving them partial control. Of course, the host can also control their Avatar. First attempts would more likely be the Avatar taking the lead, but the more experience a character has with it the easier they can stay in control, as well as call off their Avatar when they need to. The Avatar’s personality would also be a factor in this—if it’s a more docile Avatar, it would be less inclined to take over its host. A cruel or selfish Avatar, on the other hand, would be much more inclines to take over and less inclined to give the body back.

When they’re not possessing their host, Avatars do have their own physical appearance. They tend to resemble the host somewhat, though the resemblance may not always be obvious. As for what they look like… go crazy. Seriously, they all look pretty weird. The appearance should bear some significance, but it won’t be something too simple. For example, an Avatar isn’t going to look like its host’s brother. It might, however, have a body shaped like a tattoo the brother has, or have features of a dog similar to the host’s pet. Using examples from G.U., Pi’s Avatar has large “wings” coming off it like her ridiculously huge ponytails, and Sakubo’s Avatar has a sun and moon theme that changes to reflect his/her split personality. Skeith changes appearance twice throughout the game to reflect changes in Haseo’s character design. If you can’t describe something that crazyweird, you can always describe a couple features and leave the rest to imagination, or not describe the Avatar at all. Remember, it doesn’t have to physically manifest.

Which brings me to how it physically manifests. Basically, Avatar’s inhabit another plane of existence, called Avatar space, and their “physical” bodies only appear on this plane. Characters with Avatars (ie. everyone) can see into this plane when an Avatar is summoned, and move on both planes when controlling/controlled by the Avatar. The plane itself is basically empty black space with random lights and an eye-moon looking thing in the distance. When moving in Avatar space, actions there don’t always directly equal actions in the physical world. For example, when fighting AIDA or other Avatars through Skeith, Haseo probably isn’t flailing wilding and zipping around the room like a maniac, but he isn‘t going to be standing around while the virus just chills there, either. If he was fighting another Avatar user, they don’t have to be hitting each other in the physical world if they’re fighting on the Avatar plane, and it‘s probably easier if they aren‘t. Here is a video of an Avatar battle, which also shows what Avatar space looks like. Damage to an Avatar does affect the host, however—they won’t have scars, but even if their physical body wasn’t moving, they might feel exhausted and sore after an Avatar battle. Defeat in an Avatar battle knocks the host unconscious, and if the damage is bad enough it can render them comatose. Characters knocked into comas from Avatar battles will have it counted as a mansion death, and they will awaken the same way as if they had actually died.

For the sake of simplicity, Avatars won’t have Data Drain unless the character already had that ability. They will, however, have any abilities their host has, but much stronger. For example, Azure Kite can control fire in his normal state, but only in concentrated bursts or when he warps to an area. His Avatar, the Azure Flame God, can hurl fireballs en masse and make explosions of fire that home in on his target. If a character is known for being fast, their Avatar could be even faster, or maybe even be able to teleport. Despite any abilities the host has, however, all Avatars will be relatively equal in strength. If a host has no supernatural abilities, the Avatar might have powers that they would imagine themselves to have or that have some other significance to the character.

In conclusion… I lost the game.

Leaked Memory/Information: Real!Kite and his internet-saving fail/depress, because for pretty much the entire game series every time Kite tries to fix anything, everything gets a billion times worse :<
Forgotten Word: hack
Suggested Event:
The entire mansion becomes “infected”. Parts of objects and the building deteriorate, leaving behind an effect of static, garbled text and mesh outlines, as if everything is part of a damaged computer program. Damage to the mansion also won’t repair during the event, so if your wall becomes a big hole, it’s staying that way. As the event progresses, the infection spreads, covering the entire mansion grounds. Anything that comes in contact with an infected spot can catch the virus. Anything also includes people.

For the first part of the event, the infection is slow and fairly harmless. Touching an infected spot won’t get you infected, though prolonged contact increases the risk. If a person becomes infected, the deterioration effect that appears on objects will also appear on the infected area. The area becomes numbed and might be painful, but it’s nothing apparently serious. Any attempts to heal the wound or otherwise remove it won’t work, no matter what they try. The same applies to infected objects—nothing can remove the infection aside from removing the entire infected part. Infected objects might also become unusable if it spreads to vital parts (ex. A keyboard won‘t work if the surface becomes infected, and a gun won‘t fire if the trigger is).

Once the infection has had some time to spread itself, it will start spreading more rapidly. Any contact with an infected spot can spread the virus, with a very high chance of infection. When an object or person becomes infected, the virus will then spread until it covers it/them completely. Objects consumed by the virus will break apart and disintegrate. People covered with the virus’ effects will become paralysed wherever it touches until they’re completely immobile, then they’ll start to disintegrate as well. Total infection counts as a mansion death, but partial infection does not. Characters only die if they become destroyed by the virus, but if they avoid infection or make it through the event with only a partial infection, they’re fine.

At this point, any attempts to remove or heal the infection will cause it to spread faster. However, if the area is not irritated the process will slow. Basically, the only way to survive the infection is to not do anything about it. If you’re chugging medicine and using healing magic on it, the virus will continue to spread rapidly and you won’t last very long at all. If you just leave it be and ignore it, even if you come in contact with infected areas and people all throughout the day, it won’t spread enough to do damage and might even stop spreading completely.

Elsword (Elsword Online)

Leaked Memory/Information: Henir's Time & Space bossrush challenge which is totally fucking canon and no one can tell me otherwise
Forgotten Word: awakening
Suggested Event:
For the duration of the event, a guy named Glaive (or an NPC playing his role if we want to be extra lazy) will appear in the Mansion's entrance. A maximum of three times a day, a group of 1 to 4 people can accept the Time & Space challenge. Completing the challenge will yield some awesome reward (a special something from home? a memory? a wish? who even knows but it should either be good enough or vague enough to motivate people to try it).

What is the challenge, you ask?? WELL! Upon accepting the challenge, the party will be teleported to an unknown location. From there, they will relive challenges from their pasts, starting with earlier/easier challenges and becoming more and more difficult from there. Each "stage" of Henir will consist of four tasks taken from each participant (ex. if there are four people then they'll get one task from each person for that stage; three people will get one task from each person then one from a random person; two people get two each; one person gets all four from their own past for obvious reasons).

So it's kind of like:
STAGE 1 -> Task 1, Task 2, Task 3, Task 4
Waiting area where they can choose to stop or keep going
STAGE 2 -> Task 1, Task 2, Task 3, Task 4
Waiting area, etc., etc.

The more stages the party completes, the better their prize at the end will be.

While the actual Henir challenge consists only of bossfights, a participant's task doesn't necessarily have to be a fight of any kind. For example, if they sucked at math in highschool their challenge could be a difficult math test. If they had to run from a terrifying monster at some point in their life they could relive that experience. The only requirements for a task are:
1) it has to have win/lose conditions that every participant can potentially meet (so no "can only ever be defeated by x superpower that only character y has")
2) it has to be something that character experienced at some point in their life

To complete a task and move on to the next one, only one participant has to succeed. HOWEVER, if someone fails at a task then that person cannot participate for the rest of that stage. If they fail at some non-fatal task, then they get booted to the waiting area until the rest of the group fails or completes the stage. If they die in the task, they die, and it WILL count as a Mansion death if the party fails to complete the stage. If at least one person finishes the rest of the stage, however, everyone will be revived with no repercussions.

BONUS: for some weird reason everyone can see a timer hovering in the air above them while running the Henir challenge. At the end of the event, everyone in the group who completed the most stages in the shortest time gets a letter in the mail congratulating them for ranking first place. They then get a weird flat thingy hovering over their head for the rest of the day so everyone knows how cool they are. If they're from some bullshit vidya universe maybe it'll give them a snazzy stat boost.

Leaked Memory/Information: Branching classes? Branching classes.
Forgotten Word: Elsword Red Knights
Suggested Event:

Upon waking, everyone will remember their lives as if they'd made a different major choice in their homeworlds (ex. Harry Potter was sorted into Slytherin, the Homestuck kids never played Sburb, Jay never watched the Marble Hornets tapes, etc., etc.). Their appearances, abilities, and even their memories in Wonderland will be altered to fit their new lives, as if they'd always been this way, and no amount of arguing or logic will convince them that all of this is a lie.

And why would someone try to tell them it's a lie? Because the changes to their lives only affect themselves, and they'll still remember everyone else in the Mansion as they always have been. The only exception to this rule is characters from the same canon, who will remember their castmates as they would be in their altered memories—and even so, that doesn't mean they'll all have the same alterations.

Leaked Memory/Information: fucking Sunken Resiam
Forgotten Word: Hamel
Suggested Event:
At the start of the event, the ocean around the Mansion will suddenly begin to rise and flood the grounds, and it'll keep on flooding until the entire Mansion is submerged underwater. Maybe leave the roof dry(ish) to be nice. Fish can be there, too, maybe a few sharks/orcas if things get too boring.

The whole flooding thing would be bad, except it... looks like everyone can still breathe just fine. And electronics still work like normal and don't even electrocute anyone. And fire still works like it's dry land. The only real difference is all the bullshit water physics you now have to deal with in day to day life, also everything is wet.

Leaked Memory/Information: Whatever was in Hamel's water Joaquin's wacky mass hallucination potion/stage
Forgotten Word: alchemy
Suggested Event:

Everything seems like an ordinary day at the mansion... that is, until you decide to take a sip of something. Anything, really. Whatever it is that you're being dosed with, it's everywhere—in the kitchen, the taps, everything supplied by the closets and vendors, even the bottled drinks you might've been saving for such an occasion. If it's a liquid, there's no guarantee it's safe (though the Mansion is fickle, so who knows, maybe that one drink you passed on was safe all along?).

As soon as you take a spiked drink, shit gets high as fuck. You are now tripping an ungodly amount of balls, and this ride don't stop until the event is over. Things might appear giant, like you're as small as an ant, or maybe you're the giant and oh god how are you going to get out of this tiny room now, and why is the floor jello and why is the door an ostrich?? Maybe you'll start hallucinating monsters, or turn into a monster, or turn into a lampost. There are no rules here, you're higher than the goddamn stratosphere and you're above all the fucking rules of the universe now.

There's two catches:
1. Everyone who's hallucinating will see the same things. It's a shared hallucination, you see. If one person sees a zombie horde approachine, so will anyone else in the vicinity who's drugged.
2. The mind makes it real. That is to say, if you hallucinate said zombie horde ripping you to pieces, you're going to end up dead even if you don't have a scratch on you. Hallucinations won't cause physical changes (seeing your arms fall off won't actually cause your arms to randomly fall off), but your body will react as if the effects are real and physical (so seeing your arms fall off will make you lose all use of your arms until it's "fixed" somehow).

Meanwhile, anyone who manages to stay unaffected will only see a bunch of people flipping the fuck out over nothing and be incredibly confused.

Leaked Memory/Information: Purifying Transportation Tunnel CA, AKA the bonus dungeon full of horrible parasitic plants
Forgotten Word: Nasod
Suggested Event:
The event comes in three stages, because it's awful like that.

STAGE ONE: ARRIVAL (probably short, a day tops)
At the start of the event, the only apparent change is several strange, stinky plants inhabiting the gardens, occasionally releasing nauseating fumes into the air. It's possible to attack them, and even destroy them, though destroying a plant only leads to another cropping up elsewhere. The plants also pop out one-foot-tall spores every few minutes. These spores are seemingly harmless, wandering around the grounds and mansion aimlessly, and will only attack with weak electrical shocks when provoked. Clearly, this is all leading up to only a mildly-inconvenient few days (except no, not really).

The spores are harmless, but only as long as they stay away from machinery. When a spore makes contact with any kind of machinery (which is to say, any sort of electrically-powered device, including characters), it will immediately latch on and begin rooting and growing into whatever its unfortunate victim is at a distressing pace. It only takes a few minutes for an Alterasia spore to take full motor control of a target, and the target doesn't need to be actively powered or "alive" for Alterasia to take control (depowered or "dead" targets are, in fact, even more viable). And once Alterasia has rooted itself into something, it can only be stopped by either destroying the machine under its control or completely removing all traces of the parasite—which is no easy task when said target is trying to kill you.

Because, of course, we can't have parasitic plants without an urge to kill or infect everything else around them. Infected machines will do everything within their power (as limited as it may be for some devices) to kill any living creature they encounter and spread their infection to any machines. If the device they possess is immobile, the plants are capable of twisting their roots into whatever parts they can turn into makeshift legs. If lacking weapons, they can still release electrical shocks, which are stronger once they have a mechanical host.

STAGE TWO: INFESTATION (possibly also short, could be a day?)
As the spores begin to infest the Mansion more and more, the Mansion will also start to change. The Alterasia plants start to appear inside the building itself, taking up whatever dank corners they can root themselves into. These plants will continue to create spores and release fumes. The plants will not infest inhabited rooms, however, because that would be rude.

Inside the closed space of the Mansion, these fumes will start to collect and build. For this stage, the fumes won't be deadly, but they will make anyone who breathes near the plants feel nauseous.

The Mansion continues to twist itself to Alterasia's infection. The inside of the Mansion now appears to be made entirely of rusted steel and moss-covered stone, with infected humanoid machines wandering the halls. Basically, just like the very tunnel Elsword is remembering. The actual tunnels under the Mansion will become affected as well and connect to the main building through large pits randomly scattered around the first floor, because why not.

All entrances and exits to the outside world become blocked by giant turrets, making it incredibly difficult to get in or out once this stage has been reached. While it is possible to break past the defences, these defences also repair themselves within the hour once damaged, and you'll also be fighting back all the mechanical guards that wander the area. Good luck, buddy.

In other words: at this stage of the event, there will be a separation of people who are trapped inside the Mansion and people who have escaped outside. This is so anyone who doesn't want to get murdered by robots doesn't have to. The outdoors will remain largely unaffected, though there are still some regular Alterasia plants in the gardens (and the rest of the garden plants will be dead by now, toxic fumes and whatnot). So those people can do some camping, I guess.

As for the inside...

At this stage, the air inside the Mansion is now entirely toxic. Breathing this toxic air won't kill anyone directly, but it will cause dizziness and weakness, making anyone who doesn't make use of a gas mask or other method of filtration an easy victim for any of the controlled machines.

Most importantly, this stage marks the arrival of Alterasia's final form: Type-H (boom better video get).

There is only one of Type-H (OR there are lots of them because 1. holy fuck that video is horrifying and 2. idk why not, let's unleash Els' worst nightmare), but it is fast, extremely dangerous, and capable of regenerating. Type-H is not bound to machinery, and it won't seek it out like regular spores do. It exists only to exterminate all other lifeforms and further the infestation. This monster will hunt down anyone inside the Mansion and attempt to kill them without mercy. It can be killed, technically, but it can easily recover its injuries by absorbing spores into itself. And if it is destroyed, completely and utterly, a new one will be spawned to take it's place. So basically y'all in there are fucked.

Deaths in this event are legit, though all traces of infection/killer robots will vanish in their entirety after the event ends.

tl;dr killer plants yo

Jack "i still can't believe i apped a tabletop book example character" Tallow (Changeling: the Lost)

Leaked Memory/Information: The Hedge :V!
Forgotten Word: Gentry
Suggested Event:
The mansion grounds transform into a thick forest, with thorny vines and bushes. Narrow paths go deep into the forest from the mansion entrance, leading to familiar grounds such as the vendors and the beach. Besides the sudden increase in trees, things seem mostly the same outside—mostly. The ocean seems a lot murkier, with sharp coral in the sand much like the thorns in the woods. Anyone able to venture across the ocean to the Destiny Islands will find them relatively untouched besides a few extra thorny bushes and that sharp coral. The pools around the mansion have become ponds of the same size and shape. The vendors look exactly the same, since they already fit in with the new setting, though they no longer accept money for any purchases. Instead, they’ll accept any sort of trade, valuing personal items at a higher price, and accept small memories as payment even more casually than before. Their inventory becomes strange and magical, selling anything from enchanted weapons to hopes and dreams. The hedge maze is thick with thorns and stretches far longer than before, forming a maze that some might never escape. Vines creep up the mansions walls, covered with sharp thorns like everything else, but never reach inside the building. Indoors is the only place truly free of thorns.

Characters venturing out into the thorns will find that the forest itself changes with their presence, like summoning cool breezes and tiny snowflakes for someone from a cold land, or more vibrant plant life and small animals to follow someone more attuned to nature, etc. Generally, the effects will be greater for someone with strong supernatural powers compared to a normal human, but smaller changes will follow even the weakest of mortals. Emotions affect the Hedge in a way as well—someone uncomfortable in the thick woods might find the path darker and more ominous, while someone less fearful might find the path clear and sunny. Emotions even feel stronger, especially to non-magical mortal types. The paths themselves might even change in length, but anyone who’s been in Wonderland long enough should be used to this kind of stuff already. Indoors is the same, though to a lesser degree. It won’t start snowing indoors or plants won’t start growing out of the floorboards, but it might become cooler or smell more earthy.

However, the forest is full of danger. Even characters with power over plant life can’t remove or control the Thorns, and getting cut on them sucks the energy out of you. The longer you stay off the path and travel through the Thorns, the more weak and drained you become. The plant life in the forest is bizarre and sometimes dangerous. They can look like ordinary flowers with a sweet scent, petals that look and move like butterflies, trees with branches like human hands, or any other crazy thing you can imagine. The strange fruits that grow from trees are filled with glamour and can have any number of effects, from a sudden boost in energy to supernatural senses to instant death. The creatures of the Hedge are even more bizarre—you can find anything from an unusually large wolf to an eight-legged bear with eyes on its feet. The possibilities are endless (but try not to just steal random monsters from a character‘s canon, that‘s cheating B|).

Even within the confines of the mansion, a feeling of magic fills the air. Ordinary objects becomes infused with glamour: a character’s bed might give them peaceful sleep that’s near impossible to wake from until a full night’s rest, or it might just give them horrific nightmares. A desk drawer could become more spacious inside, or open into another random person’s desk. Or there could be no effect. The mansion’s own magic remains, though it might be altered for the event’s duration—a closet might only produce wooden things, or a certain seat in the dining room might only give out small dead animals.

Characters with supernatural abilities will find their power slightly stronger and more vibrant. After the event ends, magic might feel more dull or weak to a user for awhile. Some might become addicted to the glamour of the Hedge and go into withdrawal after it ends, like a person addicted to a psychoactive drug. However, this will likely go away with time, since there aren’t many ways for non-fae to acquire glamour (and Jack is so not wasting his magic to get everyone high :|).

FOR MORE INFORMATION either bust out some Changeling books or look them up online. Rites of Spring in particular has info aplenty on what glamour and the Hedge feels like.

Leaked Memory/Information: Pledgecrafting
Forgotten Word: oath
Suggested Event:
For the duration of the event, any sort of promise anyone makes, no matter how minor or whether or not they were being honest, will be treated as a changeling’s pledge. If you break a promise, you will be struck with ridiculous misfortune the moment you break it. For example, you might trip over a floorboard and slam your face into a wall, or the floor might just break underneath you, or a chandelier might fall and crush you. If something was said while making the promise that might be interpreted as a possible punishment for breaking it (ex. cross my heart and hope to die), the more specific punishment will be dealt instead of just random bad luck. Anything that could possibly be interpreted as a promise will be counted as one—even just saying that you’ll do something is considered a promise, just as much as making an actual promise counts.

On the bright side, anyone who keeps a promise will receive good fortune related to said promise. For example, someone who promised to make dinner for someone else might find all the right ingredients for their favourite food and become slightly better at cooking than usual. Unlike breaking a promise, though, it’s nothing huge and obvious.

Leaked Memory/Information: Being an elemental
Forgotten Word: kith
Suggested Event:
Over the course of the event, characters are transformed into Elementals. The transformation can begin quickly or slowly—perhaps they’ll wake up with skin made of rock, or they might just feel unusually stiff for hours before any apparent changes occur—but as the event goes on they become less and less human (or whatever it was they were before). Elementals can be of any element you can think of, like fire, water, wood, or even more specific elements such as smoke or porcelain. The only rule is that it must generally be seen as non-sentient and have a physical form that can manifest, so while there can be electric elementals, there are no Internet elementals except Kite, but he was already like that. The only other thing characters can’t be elementals of is iron, because it neutralizes changeling magic and would probably create a blackhole or something.

The more quickly characters become their element, the more powerful they become as well. They might start as just damp for water or rough and rock-like for earth, but as their transformation progresses further and further they become closer to being a walking, sentient embodiment of their element. They feel less human/whatever and begin to forget what they were before, they can sense and understand their element like a living creature, or they might even mistake themselves for inanimate objects near the end. The transformation will wear on their sanity, and some characters might lose themselves more quickly than others. In the later stages, they might begin to hallucinate—fire looks like dancing spirits, a river becomes a mass of blue snakes, etc., and not just for their specific element. Everything in the world seems more alive and magical, whether it’s the truth or an illusion. Contact with iron will sting a little at first, but powerful elementals will be burned by it, and no magic can block an attack made with and iron weapon.

All characters have full access to the basic contracts of the elements, allowing them the following abilities in order of strength. Early on, they might only be able to use one or two of the contracts with varying skill, but more powerful elementals will be able to use them all.
- Cloak of the Elements, which grants a thin layer of protection from their element. For example, a wood elemental using this contract won’t be scratched by thorns or hurt by thrown sticks. However, the contract doesn’t apply to objects altered specifically to harm another, such as a sharpened stick or a wooden spear.
- Armour of the Element’s Fury, which covers the character in a damaging manifestation of their element (flames, metal spikes, electricity, whatever works best for their element of choice). The armour can be controlled totally by the user and moved around their body as well as thrown and used as a weapon, but it cannot be given to another character, even someone of the same element (plus it would hurt them, so bad idea).
- Control Elements, which obviously controls their element. It’s not telekinesis, so you can’t make a metal chair float and shoot across a room at lightning speeds, but you can made it lurch forward and slowly slide, as if the character were controlling a magnet. Elements such as wind and fire, however, can move much more freely, lacking much physical weight. Just use logic.
- Calling the Element, which is like Control Elements only it only works from long distances to bring the element to the character from the nearest location. It moves at the same speed as above, so if you want that metal chair and it’s ten miles away, you’re going to be waiting for awhile.
- Become the Primal Foundation, which turns the character into a pure embodiment of their element. While normally characters would retain their human shape even when near the end of their transformation, using this contract makes them 100% their element. They can move as freely as expected depending on their exact element, but if their element is something solid like rock or metal, they can still move about as freely as their human form would. “Destroying” an elemental in this form, such as dousing a fire or hacking apart wood, reverts them back to their previous form and they cannot use this contract again for a day. It’s also kind of shocking and probably traumatizing, but it doesn’t count as a mansion death.

Elementals can die just like humans, though, and element-specific weaknesses apply when in their regular elemental form. The deeper in they are, the weaker they are against opposing forces. Deaths will be treated normally.

Elementals also have their own blessings and curses and even more special abilities for individual subgroups, but for the sake of simplicity those don’t have to be used. If you know how Changeling works, you’re free to apply those rules, but it’s not required. Also normally contracts use up glamour and thus can only be used limitedly, keeping track of points is silly so the mansion is just refilling everyone’s magic automatically :V

Leaked Memory/Information: Becoming a changeling/his durance
Forgotten Word: darkling
Suggested Event:
Upon waking, the mansion has disappeared completely. Characters can wake up in any bizarre place you can imagine, though its always somehow fantastical or strange—literally anything. The sky can be made of chocolate if you want. However, the setting must perfectly match the Fae that rules it.

What Fae? Why, your new Keepers, of course! They can be just as bizarre and strange as their surroundings, like mythological beasts or other strange creatures. They’re all-powerful and own all in their lands—including you. Whether they enlist you as an overworked servant, a plaything, or just because they felt like it, you can either do ask they demand, escape, or die. The Fae are heartless, cruel, and incapable of compassion. Some might claim to care about or even love their new servants, but they will always somehow cause pain or suffering. No matter what a character’s situation may be, it will always be unpleasant in some way.

Characters will take on qualities of a Seeming and kith (you can be kithless, create a new kith, or mix kiths even across different Seemings, but you must have one Seeming). This will relate to their “job” that they perform for their Keeper. A character used as an entertainer would become a Fairest such as a Dancer or Muse, while a bodyguard might become a powerful Beast or an Ogre. A gardener might even turn into an Elemental just from exposure. It’s unlikely that the event will last long enough to have clear physical changes (unless the Fae literally changed their bodies, like taking a person apart and stitching new parts on, or leaving them in a situation where they would normally die, ie. underwater), but small changes to help them do their job, like quicker reflexes or night vision, might form depending on what their Seeming is. Tiny steps!

Characters can appear in the same “realm” with the same Keeper, doing different or similar jobs, or they can appear in a vastly different place with a vastly different Keeper. But no matter how different the realms are, they’re all nearby at the same time. Reaching another realm could be as simple as opening a door, and characters can be put into roles that allow freer access to other realms (ex. messengers, hunters, spies). For those less fortunate, computers will be scattered around and easily accessible, though Keepers might not be too happy about their workers slacking off.

Also there will be absolutely no iron anywhere, at all. Other metals are fine. If a character happens to be made of solid iron somewhere, well, that’ll be the first thing to go :|

Leaked Memory/Information: Being paranoid about being recaptured, because every changeling is :c
Forgotten Word: durance
Suggested Event:
Characters become paranoid with the belief that someone horrible is coming to take them away. The thought of being captured by this being terrifies them, and they absolutely do not want that to happen. The "someone" can be an entity they know, whether real or imagined (ex. the Other Mother for Coraline), or a creature that they don't even know anything about--all they can be sure of is that this being is going to find them and take them somewhere horrible, never to escape again.

Of course, no one is actually coming for them, and characters can recognize that this belief is unfounded, but their instinct will constantly tell them it's coming. They might see things that they immediately accept as signs of proof, even if it's just a coincidence, and be on their toes at all times.

Leaked Memory/Information: Miami/the Summer Court
Forgotten Word: The City of Endless Summer
Suggested Event:
No matter what the current season is, for the entire event Wonderland is in the heat of mid-summer, and no sign of the previous season will be anywhere in sight (so no snow, spring flowers, or leaves on the ground, etc.). If it is summer when this event occurs, it is unusually hot and more summer-like.

Summer is a time of action, and the Summer Court is founded on the concept of power for protection. Characters will feel more proactive, that now is the time to take action. Characters will also be more easily riled into fights, even if they're normally peaceful or timid. They won't necessarily be starting wars with each other (unless it's a reasonable reaction for them, of course), but getting into arguments and picking fights suddenly becomes the normal reaction to any disagreement.

Niea (Trickster Online)

Leaked Memory/Information: Mirage Island events
Forgotten Word: harkon
Suggested Event:
Throughout the event, parts of the mansion will re-enact scenes from the past. While the mansion and grounds will appear the same as a whole, just entering a room could bring you to a completely different landscape, or it could show you that room as it was in a different time. The re-enactments will be exactly as they were originally. This also includes characters involved, even if they’re in the room--however, dropped characters will only be mentioned, but never actually seen (since, you know, no one plays them anymore). The copies will play out their scene, but will also acknowledge any intruders. They won’t recognize them, however, and take any similarities in appearance/name to anyone they know/themselves as a coincidence. Trying to convince them otherwise is pointless.

When faced with intruders walking in on their scenes, the copies will be inclined to ask them for assistance (in other words, give them a quest). The request will depend on the situation, but will probably be something like retrieving an item (usually in excess, like asking for fifteen pairs of pants when they only really need one), killing monsters (if there are any), or doing a different quest for someone else. Completing a quest will make the copy give the character a reward of some sort, which also depends on the scene, or it might make them give the character another quest. They also might decide to exposit fiercely about what was going on for absolutely no reason. Actually, they’ll probably do that anyway. Just because.

Oswald (Odin Sphere)

Leaked Memory/Information: living with the ~*faaaaaiiiriiiiesssss*~
Forgotten Word: Vanir
Suggested Event:
Everyone in the mansion wakes up with fairy wings--100% functional, flight-worthy, colourful fairy wings. The size and style varies with characters, though all wings are insect-like. Even if their wings seem too small or awkward to actually fly with, with a bit of effort, anyone will be able to manage it somehow, physics aside.

Additionally, the mansion will be transformed to look more like Ringford--the mansion itself seems to be a large and intricate tree, with woven branches for walls and great thick limbs making up the hallways. Flowers dot the halls and rooms, and at night they glow with colourful lights. The ground floor has thick wood pillars that support the rest of the building, as well as an abundance of statues of fairies (though they all seem to resemble the Queen of Hearts, just slightly). The grounds are dominated by massive trees and endless fields of flowers. Here is a nifty collection of pictures that portray Ringford quite nicely.

Leaked Memory/Information: getting stalked by the Halja
Forgotten Word: mandragora
Suggested Event:
At the start of the day, everyone starts feeling sick--nothing serious, maybe a little tired or dizzy. However, as the day progresses, their condition only gets worse. They gradually feel more and more sickly, their vision begins to blur, they feel stiff and clumsy, and yet there's no identifiable source of the problem.

At the halfway point of the event, characters will also begin seeing strange cloaked figures out of the edge of their vision. As their condition becomes worse, despite any damage to vision, these figures will be seen clearly to be reapers of a sort. They will follow everyone throughout the day. The Halja may remain silent, but may also engage in conversation with their targets. Characters can see other characters' Halja, but can only hear their own. Conversation topics: why you should die/have died, death of friends/relatives/enemies, other death-related discussions, etc.

If a character's condition gets bad enough, their Halja might also choose to "kill" them by slicing them with their scythe. The character will then vanish from the mansion for the rest of the event. However, this doesn't count as an actual death and they'll return just fine after the event is over.

Leaked Memory/Information: The prophecies about Armageddon
Forgotten Word: Armageddon
Suggested Event:
The event itself starts with the announcement, which will describe the destruction of Wonderland in a way similar to Erion’s prophecy. There will be five disasters: a six-eyed beast, a lord of the Netherworld, an incarnation of fire, a cauldron, and the last dragon. Each of the five will be matched with someone in Wonderland who will carry out the prophecy, whether they want to or not. If they have no motive to cause Wonderland’s destruction, Wonderland will give them one, either by altering their surroundings or good old fashioned mind control.

Five more characters will be matched with each disaster to stop it based on the criteria in the prophecy. Obviously, it won’t be easy to make a perfect match for every role, so all ten are open to interpretation beyond their original setting as well as alteration (ex. Wonderland has more than one dragon, so instead of last meaning the only one, it could mean the last one to enter Wonderland, or ‘last’ could be replaced with ‘first’ or another description entirely so all the other dragons don‘t have to get killed off) as long as it still fits the theme. The prophecy match-ups should probably be decided before the IC announcement so everyone can get organized.

- The six-eyed beast cannot be killed by man.
- The lord of the Netherworld can only be killed by the shadow of its master (or the shadow of death, since at least Oswald will fit that in case our particular lord of the Netherworld has no ‘master’).
- The incarnation of fire can only be stopped by the World Tree (or some other plant-like thing if we have no Yggdrasils or tree-people).
- The cauldron can only be stopped by chains.
- The last dragon will sleep in a mother’s arms.

It will be up to everyone in Wonderland to figure out who will be what and stop Wonderland from being destroyed—or maybe try and encourage this destruction, believing it will set them free. Deaths during the even won’t count as mansion deaths since the whole idea of the event is that everyone dies, and everyone who does die won’t be revived until the end of the event. Any damage to the mansion or the grounds won’t be repaired until the end of the event, either, no matter how extensive the damage is. So even if an entire floor explodes, it’ll stay like that. If any of the five disasters survive, everyone is screwed and the entire mansion grounds will sink into the nearest ocean. If they succeed, the mansion will repair itself of any damage shortly after the last disaster is stopped.

Leaked Memory/Information: Erion’s ridiculous wildlife. YOU WANT TO EAT? GO JUMP ON SOME TURNIPS AND CHASE THOSE FUCKERS DOWN—LIKE A MAN!
Forgotten Word: Pooka
Suggested Event:
ALL THE FOOD IN THE MANSION IS ALIVE. The kitchen, closets, forest, EVERYTHING that can produce food will only produce it in a live form. So if you want a hamburger, go chase down a cow. This also includes fruits/vegetables/anything edible that isn’t meat, and by that I mean IT WILL GROW LEGS AND RUN SCREAMING FROM YOU. Because even being vegan makes you a horrible murderer.

Fortunately, if you give your food a good smack or two it will magically turn into whatever it was supposed to be, just as the mansion would have made it (so if you wanted a hamburger and killed your cow, you won‘t have to go hunt some buns or condiments unless you want extras or just get a kick out of killing things or something).

Leaked Memory/Information: Gwendolyn's psuedo-spell that was supposed to make her fall in loveeee
Forgotten Word: valkyrie
Suggested Event:
Upon waking, characters will fall madly in love with the first person they see. They can acknowledge the sudden change as well as oppose it, but they cannot ignore it--if they're already in love with someone else, those feelings will remain, but their feelings for their newfound lover will always be stronger.

Leaked Memory/Information: THE BEST DAD EVER AKA MELVIN
Forgotten Word: contract
Suggested Event:
Everyone remembers their parents as being selfish, manipulative assholes that never loved them and may or may not have tried to sell them for power/money/whatever. Memories will be altered accordingly, as if they had always been like that.

If characters are parents, they will become selfish, manipulative assholes that hate their children and may or may not try to sell them for power/money/whatever. Interactions that aren't with their own children, however, will be totally unaffected and they'll be the same person as before. They'll also still remember their own parents as assholes and ignore any connection from that to their own child-beating behaviour.


Leaked Memory/Information: The bird/Gwendolyn/actually not Gwendolyn that lead him out of the Netherworld
Forgotten Word: bluebird
Suggested Event:
From the moment they wake up, everyone forgets someone important to them. They can’t remember their name, what they look like, anything about them at all, and they might not even notice they’ve forgotten them. If that person exists in the mansion, they won’t be able to see or hear them, either, as if they didn’t exist at all.

In addition to not remembering someone, birds will also appear throughout the mansion. Each bird represents a person that’s been forgotten. Characters who see their birds still won’t remember who they’ve forgotten, but they will realize they’ve forgotten that person and that the bird is that person, in a way. However, the birds will always remain just out of reach, leading characters in circles all around the mansion.

At the end of the event, the birds will return to their “owners” and give back the lost memories. If it was a person in the mansion, they will also lead them to that person.

Razeluxe Meitzen (Mana Khemia)

Leaked Memory/Information: His Mana-killing urges that eventually drove him to attack Whim
Forgotten Word: exam
Suggested Event:
At the start of the event, nothing seems out of the ordinary, but throughout the day characters will find themselves thinking violent thoughts toward friends and strangers. The thoughts become more and more frequent and harder to resist, and characters become short tempered and frustrated. Finally, something will cause them to snap and lash out violently at someone. As soon as they cause any significant damage, the violent thoughts and feelings will cease, leaving characters to deal with the results of their actions.

Leaked Memory/Information: being the most awesome servant ever
Forgotten Word: academy
Suggested Event:
Every character in the mansion is now a servant of the mansion residents (including the vendors because we need moar and even faceless shopkeepers need love :<). If a resident asks them to do something, they’ll do it; they can complain all they want, but they cannot ignore the request. For the requests, think housework, but residents can request whatever they want and if a character has other skills those could be used as well. The only rule is that residents cannot instruct characters to kill each other, themselves or do anything that would directly cause harm to another person (and I can‘t imagine why they‘d want to so :|).

Also residents may or may not constantly hit on their servants, ignoring any disinterest, existing relationships, and probably gender. But you still won’t get any breaks. Actually, you’ll probably get worked harder just so you can’t escape all that sexual harassment.

Spades Slick (Homestuck)

Leaked Memory/Information: The Felt and their weird time shit
Forgotten Word: shenanigans
Suggested Event:
For the duration of the event, everyone has a time-related power of some sort. It can be simple or ridiculously complex, useful or pointless, actually related to time or only loosely to do with it but in that case it’s probably more useful than everyone else’s anyway. Unique powers for every character would be preferred—yes, all the cool powers will probably get snatched up pretty fast, but you can always just word it slightly different and call it unique. In fact, I recommend this. I want to see how many different ways you can say “I can see the future!” before it starts getting unoriginal.

While simple, easy to use powers would be the most convenient, the spirit of this event isn’t about making everyone look cool, it’s about fucking up time to the point where the event ends up lasting six months chronologically and there is five hundred of everyone. Try thinking of a normal power, like, say, freezing time, and then stick something else in there that makes it either near-impossible to control or the most inconvenient/useless thing ever. Like you freeze time when someone’s looking at you, or you can only freeze time for yourself, or you can only freeze time while you‘re doing a jig. The more ridiculous, the better.

Leaked Memory/Information: Licorice scotty dogs. Also, candy corn.
Forgotten Word: licorice
Suggested Event:
At the start of the day, everything will seem completely normal. However, at some point during the event, everyone will find an apparently pointless object which they will become convinced is the most important thing they could ever possess. It can be anything from a plastic spoon to a piece of candy, but no matter how useless it is they will become extremely possessive and overprotective of their object and nothing will be able to convince them it isn’t some universe-altering tool.

Leaked Memory/Information: Owning an awesome casino.
Forgotten Word: Midnight City
Suggested Event:
Starting at midnight, the mansion is transformed into a massive casino. Any game you could possibly imagine in a casino is there, though the mansion seems to favour blackjack and poker and there‘s a distinct shortage of pool tables. Masked vendors in black suits act as hosts, running the games and trading money and items for chips. There are no age restrictions, though younger children can get their chips free of charge (and anyone trying to take advantage of this will be promptly kicked out for the night).

Everything is coloured black and red, with card motifs and flashing neon lights decorating the casino area. Down the hallways to the rooms looks more like a hotel; it’s not as fancy as the mansion was before, but if it were an actual hotel it would be a decent one. The dining room looks like a bar, complete with NPC bartenders and live music (but they only play jazz). Unlike with gambling, though, kids can’t have alcohol. That’s not how we roll here. The grounds outside look the same aside from a few new flashing neon signs, but no matter how many days the event lasts, it will always stay midnight—time will pass normally, but the sun never rises, and the moon stays high and bright in the sky until the event‘s completion.

Terriermon (Digimon Tamers)

Leaked Memory/Information: Being a tamed Digimon :T
Forgotten Word: Blue Card
Suggested Event:
For the duration of the event, characters will be partnered up as tamer and Digimon.

For Digimon characters: they will be turned into any existing Digimon and can evolve/devolve with the help of their tamer. Some will be better at this than others, but cooperation with the tamer is necessary to evolve. Any special abilities they might have had before will be gone, so they can only fight with what they have as a Digimon. IF A DIGIMON IS KILLED, THEY CAN COME BACK TO LIFE. Only they’ll turn into an egg and have to stay in some weak baby stage for the rest of the event probably, but it won‘t count as a mansion death which is pretty sweet. HOWEVER, if a Digimon is killed and their data is absorbed by another Digimon, they can’t come back and it counts as a mansion death.

For tamer characters: if they had any abilities before, they also lose them, and they get a D-Arc/digivice when they wake up. It can transform from a PDA/computer/other electronic thing, appear in a snazzy lightshow, just suddenly be there, whatever. It comes with some handy features, including full network access, a video function (the Digimon partners‘ eyes act as the camera), Digimon identification and encyclopedia, a compass that tracks their partner and/or other Digimon, card swiping (MORE ON THIS LATER), and all-around plot device use (sometimes it shoots magic friendship lasers? Also Ryo‘s laser whip, idek). Non-human tamers will either be turned completely human or at least humanoid enough to handle their digivice.

AS FOR CARDS I don’t know about you but I know nothing about Digimon cards and I don’t really feel like researching them for one event. SO: cards, they exist and can be used. When a card is swiped, it gives that card’s ability to the tamer’s Digimon partner for a short period. Use Digimon cards if you actually know what they do. For everyone else, the mansion can make up some cards based on stuff/abilities that they have/from their homeworlds or something. Or just make shit up.

Random wild Digimon/whatever will probably also be there because WHAT IS THE POINT OF BEING A BADASS FIGHTING MONSTER TEAM WHEN YOU HAVE NOTHING TO FIGHT?

Vaati (The Legend of Zelda)

Leaked Memory/Information: being Minish :Tb
Forgotten Word: Picori
Suggested Event:
For the entirety of the event, everyone is about the size of their thumb (or whatever else would make a good comparison) and anything they might be wearing/holding at the time is downsized accordingly. The rest of the mansion isn't.

Anyone who might have size-related powers will find them unusable, because that would just be too easy.