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Character Analysis: Azure Kite (12/16/2008)

Basic Facts

Title: Kite of the Azure Flame
Gender: Male
Age: 2
Physical Age: 14
Birthday: October ??th
Species: Humanoid, AI program fuelled by internal furnace
Hair Colour: Teal
Eye Colour: Azure (varies at times; can also be yellow or red)
Class: Twin Blade
Level: 137
Notable Scars: Around the calf of his right leg, left arm below the shoulder, right arm a bit lower than the left's (all previous = AIDA?), a few smaller scars scattered on his chest and back (assorted battles, mostly Ovan), faint scar down his right eye (Dante), left arm just past the elbow (Mia), light scar around his neck with some stitches stuck in there (AIDA and later Beast Boy biting his head off, healed by Severus)
Greatest Strengths: Regenerative abilities, speed and strength, heat resistance, unswaying determination and loyalty
Greatest Weaknesses: Water, poor defence, larger injuries take a long time to heal, low self esteem, naïve


Azure Kite takes a lot after the original. He's kind, loyal, a bit of a worrier, but always ready to help someone in need. However, his qualities are almost exaggerated when compared to the real Kite. His kindness and eagerness to help reaches the point of naïvety--he's polite even to his enemies. He'll defend those he cares about until the end no matter what they think of him and tends to forget about his own needs when dealing with others. As for those he considers enemies, Kite is stubborn and it takes a lot of work to sway his opinion, even if a change in attitude or a misunderstanding is obvious. He worries about even the tiniest things, often blowing problems out of proportion or making hasty assumptions.

Despite his unaging appearance, Kite is really just a year or so old. Because he's an AI he was born with all the necessary data to survive, but he lacks the life experience to help him get by problems an anti-virus program wasn't designed to undertake. His memories of Kite help him through the basics, but since his knowledge of the original's life is lacking as well he tends to go back to making assumptions and usually screws up. The best-case scenario would be that he decides to ask someone else for advice, though that doesn't always end well depending on the subject. Deep down, Kite is still just a little kid trying to understand the world around him. He's confused easily and fascinated by things few people would notice to such a degree as Kite. Ever since he was repaired by Aura and acquired a sense of taste he's had an obsession with mangoes. He's absolutely mesmerized by disco balls, partially because the mirrors interfere with his scanners and partially because they're really, really shiny. Because of his experiences from 'The World', he doesn't worry too much about his own injuries. He's lost nearly all of his limbs before plus his head and just reattached them, so he considers himself pretty much indestructible. Even if he's ripped apart, he knows he'll be able to recover with time. However, he contradicts himself a little by freaking out whenever anyone else is injured, as Beast Boy frequently points out. Kite's argument is, like the guy from Planet Danger, "I can put my arm back on and you can't". This usually doesn't work since Beast Boy argues that he still hasn't lost any limbs.

As an AI, Kite is a very logical thinker. He can't turn off his emotions, but he still goes the way of logic when his feelings don't get in the way. Fortunately, he usually agrees with the logical decisions. The only times when he'll go against that process is when his friends are in danger--even if he's likely to fail, he'd risk destroying himself to save his friends without a second thought.

Because of a mixture of causes, Kite has a massive inferiority complex. The main reason is because he's a copy of someone else. He believes that because he isn't exactly the same as the original Kite, he's "incomplete" and a failure. This doesn't stop him from doing his job, but he does think himself unworthy of his friends and often wishes he could be better. Even after receiving full system repairs from Aura he has his doubts. Combined with his his repeated defeats against Ovan and being unable to protect Aura on several occasions, he believes that he's a total failure and incapable of completing even his most basic purposes. Clearly, he has some depression issues. His friends have reassured him over and over again that they care about him and think he's fine how he is, but deep down Kite still worries that one day another Kite will show up and they'll want to be his friends instead. He's torn between just giving up and letting his next successor make up for his failures, or fighting for what he thinks he deserves and trying to be a better person. However, it's uncertain whether or not he'll ever completely overcome this problem.

Appearance / Physical Details

Kite has a very odd biological structure because of his transfer from a digitized world. In Wonderland, his external appearance is completely human, although he is a little pale and tends to float and explode a lot. His skin is meant to separate the external temperatures on the outside from his internal temperature--which is extremely hot, because his body is composed entirely of blue fire. When the first layer of skin is broken, it reveals the thicker, more resistant layer, which always holds the appearance of blue static. The heavier the static, the more damage there is to the skin, though it's difficult to tell the difference unless it's an extreme situation. When wounded, the skin breaks off into thin layers which crack and crumble easily. The wound will eventually "scab over", which mostly looks like bursting into flames and evening out.

Inside, Kite's body is thick with hot flames. To keep the fire going, he needs to breathe for oxygen and burn junk data as the fuel, which can be acquired from eating or Data Drain. He doesn't need to obtain new data often. Due to the temperatures this usually does not produce much waste, though in such a case he will become sick from the unnecessary weight. Water also has this affect. Small amounts aren't enough to do damage, but if drenched Kite will feel the effects rather quickly. Water poured directly into his body will do even more damage, as it can douse the flame and kill him, or at least severely weaken him.

When ill, the effects vary depending on the cause. If it's unnecessary data weighing down his systems, the main side effect would be vomiting to try and eliminate the problem. Another effect would be a dramatic increase in temperature in hopes of burning the useless data away. This can cause him to randomly set objects on fire and overall be a fire hazard, as well as his own discomfort. When his systems are bogged down by water, he also tends to vomit in hopes of removing the problem. Fortunately, this usually works, though he might need to stand on his head a little first. Unlike with unnecessary data, when damaged by water Kite's temperature decreases to preserve itself. He becomes restricted or completely unable to use his fire and becomes very weak.

If his internal fire is completely extinguished, Kite shuts down completely and will remain so until he is revived. This can be done by setting him on fire, preferably on the inside. As long as his files are undamaged, he will only be disoriented and weak. In the case that his files are damaged, depending on where the files were and what they did determines whether or not he'll recover, or even survive. For example, heavy file damage to his legs could cripple him, but he can repair himself with time. On the other hand, if someone were to remove his "heart" or his core programming, that would be the equivalent of taking out his brain. If his core is damaged, Kite could lose primary functions, memories, or even bits of his personality. If the core is destroyed, Kite is also destroyed and the rest of the body cannot function. However, the protection around the core is strong enough to hold off straightforward assaults. Because his chest might as well be the surface of the sun, getting past his protective skin and the extreme temperatures is a little difficult, but if the fire was extinguished first he would lose the heat advantage as well as the ability to fight back.

Data Drain / Azure Flame God

Data Drain is the process of altering data using the Twilight Bracelet. With it, Kite can completely destroy objects and people, but with skill he can also remove specific parts of a person, usually targeting viral infection. This is more effective with computers and robotic beings than organic beings, since they are very complex with their body structure. Data Draining organic beings is complicated and risky, and only suggested if the aim is to kill or otherwise mortally wound them. Data Drain can also be used to repair structures that have been damaged, though this is, again, more effective on computers, robots and inanimate objects.

The Twilight Bracelet is connected to Kite's core programming. While the bracelet itself is on his wrist, the essential files to run the program remain in his core for safekeeping and are only transferred outside when the bracelet is summoned. However, it's still connected to his core even in this state. If the bracelet is forcibly removed, Kite could pull an Atoli and have his body begin to degrade. This is because Data Drain is also what allows him to heal himself, not to mention it's an important program and leaves a large gap in his core which can cave in on itself. The damage can still be restored by someone such as Aura, but a permanent removal of the bracelet would cripple him for life. Without the bracelet's power, Kite can't transform, heal, use his Avatar, or protect himself from viruses like AIDA. He would also be very sad.

Data Drain does not just "put people into comas". That's the lazy way out. When a player in 'The World' becomes a Lost One, it's because their character data has been ripped apart by Data Drain while the mind is connected to the PC. This leaves the mind wandering in the game until the body is restored and the player reconnected to their body. Basically, their body is destroyed and they become a ghost, so Data Drain causes death, not comas. It just so happens that death is reversible in 'The World'.


Kite is just a little over obsessive about Beast Boy. Beast Boy was one of his first friends, and even though horrible things tend to happen when they're in the same room together, he's crazy about him. Kite frequently tracks and stalks BB, though to him this is perfectly normal behaviour anyway. He's protective and hates it when the other boy gets hurt. Their relationship is a bit of an odd one. It's difficult to say exactly what drew them together in the first place--half the time Beast Boy just confuses the AI, and the other half he seems to be breaking parts of his brain--but through their time together in the mansion they've become very close.

Linda is in pretty much the same situation, of course. Though she doesn't get herself beaten up quite as often as the two boys, Kite feels he has to obsessively stalk her just in case. Kite is actually afraid of Linda most of the time. Her assertive personality easily overpowers him in any argument, not to mention it's difficult to argue against her skewered logic. But much like Beast Boy, despite this they're inseparable.


Kite hates Mewtwo. The only reason he tolerates him is because Aura likes him. However, he still takes his job of protecting her very seriously and sees Mewtwo as a threat. If she has Mewtwo to take care of her, what would that make him? There isn't much he can do, though, so instead he just glares at the Pokemon a lot behind his back and avoids him. Their situation could be easily compared to a son not agreeing with his mother's choice in boyfriends.

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