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.hack//G.U. Themed CR Chart v2: The Revenge

Updated version of this old chart, now optimized for default view instead of journal view! Still based on this.



Interested In: Tri-Edge
Hates: PKers
Belt Count: Fifty Two
In in augue neque, non molestie libero. Quisque sapien turpis, hendrerit dignissim aliquam sed, scelerisque ac dolor. Vivamus at gravida diam. Praesent vel pellentesque magna. Sed ullamcorper aliquam augue, eu pharetra neque hendrerit sit amet. Vivamus urna felis, tincidunt in venenatis sit amet, blandit sed elit. Nulla venenatis magna ac erat molestie ut molestie dui volutpat. Proin tincidunt venenatis euismod. Mauris bibendum, enim vel commodo auctor, mauris mauris tristique mi, sit amet semper nibh risus ut urna. Ut euismod auctor ante, vel commodo sapien bibendum vitae. Curabitur interdum semper nulla vitae euismod. Nulla facilisi. Donec porta sapien congue dui hendrerit posuere porta eu purus.

Affection meter colours:
⚫⚪ #ff0200
⚫⚪ #1379e2
⚫⚪ #d6bf23
⚫⚪ #ef73ab

Feel free to add/remove/use your own colours!

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