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Corruption/"Timecancer" Details

Due to excessive use of time/spatial distortions, the system has recreated the sickness he was originally afflicted with when he first began his timetravel experiments. Continued use of timespace distortions causes his condition to deteriorate at a much faster rate than would normally occur, and will not normally result in his death. Not using any of his timespace abilities over an extended period will cause the deterioration to slow and eventually plateau. However, his condition will not reverse or heal naturally. If he completely stops using his abilities over a period of time he can, at best, reduce the frequency of symptoms.

First stage symptoms include headaches, fits of dizziness/lightheadedness, and an increased difficulty with keeping his eyes in their "normal" or white-schlera state. Symptoms will only occur if he has used his abilities recently and will gradually fade after enough time has passed.

At the second stage his blood begins to darken noticeably. He also suffers nausea, vomiting, exhaustion, the occasional fainting spell, low appetite, and some internal bleeding, in addition to all of the stage one symptoms with increased intensity.

His eyes remain in their black-schlera state by default, requiring conscious effort to return them to a normal state.

At the third stage most of the previous physical symptoms become less frequent and intense, and are more likely to occur a short period of time after the use of his abilities or if he has not used his abilities for an extended period. The withdrawal symptoms are significantly more intense and frequent the longer he goes without using any of his abilities.

In addition to the previous stage's symptoms, he also suffers paranoid thoughts and a dulled sense of empathy towards others.

His blood becomes even darker in colour and may appear completely black if he has used his abilities recently. Patches of skin may begin to permanently blacken if exposed frequently to distortion effects.

He is now incapable of returning his eyes to their normal state without constant, conscious effort, which will result in a painful headache until he returns them to a black-schlera state.

At the fourth stage he will no longer suffer from the first and second stage symptoms as long as he is using his abilities on a regular basis. If he does not use his abilities for three days or more, he will receive increasingly severe and frequent symptoms to the point where he may suffer permanent physical damage. Damage caused by withdrawal symptoms may lead to death, if it is not treated.

Paranoid thoughts and negative emotions become intense and difficult to ignore, causing him to become very distrustful of others. Empathetic feelings become extremely dampened and are almost nonexistent. If he does not use his abilities for a week or longer, he will return to the third-stage's dulled emphatic state and paranoid thoughts will become somewhat reduced.

His memories may intermittently become deteriorated/distorted: canon memories may become unclear or forgotten entirely, specific details may become unclear and difficult to focus on, events may be distorted by paranoid delusions or fabricated entirely, etc. Not using his abilities for a week or more will cause memories to become clear again.

His blood is now consistently black in colour and of thicker consistency. Blackened patches of skin will continue to spread, with older areas gradually turning harder and appearing almost crystalline. If a hardened area is damaged it will create cracks and may produce a bright, faintly glowing magenta substance along with blood. These injuries are intensely painful, but heal at the normal rate of a flesh wound. If another user makes skin contact with the magenta substance it will cause a faint burning sensation followed by headaches and lightheadedness for an hour or so. If they ingest or make blood contact with the substance they will suffer from some or all or the second-stage symptoms (besides the black-schlera) for up to a day at most.

His eyes are now permanently in their black-schlera state, and may appear to have brightly glowing cracks running through them during periods of intense emotion or when using his abilities.

At the fifth stage he must use some form of his abilities at least once a day or he will suffer very severe and dangerous withdrawal symptoms.

Paranoid thoughts become constant. All emotions become extremely dulled under normal circumstances. If he is actively using his abilities he may feel bursts of intense emotion. At this stage he has lost all empathy and cannot emotionally relate to others in any form.

Memory deterioration/distortion becomes more frequent and may become permanent. He can still restore some of his memories by not using any of his abilities for a week or more, though this is at a much higher risk due to the more severe withdrawal symptoms. No amount of withdrawal will restore his empathy, emotional response, or reduce paranoid thoughts.

Blackened/crystalline patches continue to spread and will cover at least 50% of his body at this stage. If an injury causes a crystalline patch to shatter and shed fragments, the fragments will float as if under zero-gravity. The magenta substance will also start to crystallize after about five minutes outside of a body (if it is on another user's skin, it will bond to them and burn painfully until it and the layer of skin it is attached to is removed). Injuries to crystallized areas heal at a rapid rate due to this substance.

Both the black-schlera and the glowing cracks in his eyes are now a permanent addition to his appearance.

At the sixth stage he will suffer extreme physical distress if he does not use his abilities regularly. After up to a week of not using his abilities, he will die from organ failure.

He becomes incapable of feeling any emotions or empathy. Paranoid thoughts remain, but since he doesn't have any emotional response, it's more of a general distrust in others that he is apathetic to.

Memory damage cannot be recovered at this point and will continue until he cannot remember anything before his death, and memories prior to him entering the fifth stage of symptoms will become extremely damaged and distorted, if not forgotten entirely. However, any memories formed after the sixth stage began will become crystal-clear, as if he had a perfect photographic memory. These memories may still be affected by distortions, but Add will not be capable of discerning which memories are wrong due to the extreme clarity. His perception of time becomes very distorted. Time may seem to move more slowly or quickly to him, and something that happened months ago may seem like it happened only a few hours ago, or vice versa.

At this stage his body has entirely crystallized, and brightly glowing magenta streaks will start to form tattoo-like patterns over his skin. Fragments of his body will float in a zero-gravity state and gradually fade out of existence after a period of fifteen minutes has passed. His body is now incredibly hard and difficult to damage, while also still able to recover injuries at an accelerated rate, making him very difficult to injure or kill. He could probably also regrow entire limbs or something if given enough time at this point (the freak), but decapitation or severe damage to the brain/internal organs will still be able to kill him, and he can still bleed out if an injury is prevented from healing.

At the final stage he no longer needs his Dynamos to use his abilities, and distorting timespace has become so integral to his being that he doesn't have to worry about withdrawal symptoms.

All memories prior to his transformation have been lost entirely, except for the very rare flicker of recollection. He will vaguely recall what emotions are, but he cannot feel or understand them. His post-transformation memories are perfect. Time is no longer a concept he can comprehend. Due to his control over time and space he may display some degree of omniscience towards events that have occurred in the past or that are presently occurring within Monad.

He is now practically indestructible, both due to his crystallized body and his now innate spatial/temporal abilities.

After maybe a few minutes to an hour of remaining in this final stage, he will die from sudden organ failure. His body will then crack, shatter, disintegrate, and fade away, leaving no trace behind. Death from this state would likely render his data unrecoverable, making it a permanent death. This is probably never going to happen.
All of the above stages and symptoms may also suffer additional glitches.

The only way to "reset" the progression of the toxin back to stage one is to have it purged from his body by the system via reset. As the condition is tied tightly to his mental state, he will not immediately recover from any damage to his memories or emotions. Some memories may not be able to be restored, depending on how far his condition was allowed to progress. Emotions will recover gradually on their own over time, but may require a stronger rush of an emotion to be able to properly recover it.

He will also permanently suffer from frequent headaches, dizziness, and physical exhaustion, regardless of whether he's using his spatial/temporal abilities or not. Encountering glitches may also cause him to re-experience previous symptoms, intense feelings of apathy, or periods of temporary amnesia until the glitched area is cleared.

Additionally, if the toxin starts to progress again due to continued use of his abilities it will progress at an even faster rate. If he lets it progress and resets it more than once, this increase will stack.

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