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  • The Dynamos are powered by Nasod cores, for obvious reasons, which also function as their "brain". The cores he used to initially construct them were broken/blank, so all the programming is his own and they're not in any way sentient. The individual cores can't generate much power on their own, though, since they're so small, but this is why he keeps six of them. At most, he can divide them into two sets of three to generate attacks.
    • Add has two resources he draws on: his body's natural manaflow (MP/mana/El power), and his dynamos' battery (DP/dynamo power).

    • Unlike the rest of the cast, Add doesn't directly draw from his own mana pool. Instead, his dynamos are designed to draw it out for him and use it as an alternative energy source. Because of this, the dynamos can effectively be active 24/7, since they use Add himself as a battery and living creatures naturally generate El energy to create mana.
      • Add has the shittiest manaflow and potential out of all the characters. He has very poor control over it, if any, and pretty much doesn't know how to manipulate it by himself. This is also why magic irritates him—everyone else can at least do something with their mana, but even if he can explain it scientifically, he can't actually perform any act of magic. So he considers anything "magical" still a theory, because even if magic is totally an explainable thing why can't he do it huh.
        • It's also why he's physically pathetic SORRY ADD.

      • The Dynamos are only capable of drawing from his excess mana, so he doesn't have to worry about literally draining his own life away. Their draining abilities aren't powerful enough to do anything more serious than that.

    • The dynamos also draw El energy from the surrounding environment, as well as through sunlight/moonlight, to charge their personal batteries. Dynamo power is used mainly to facilitate attacks and lessen the strain on Add's mana pool, but it's also used to amplify the power of certain attacks. Awakening/DP mode is basically just Add drawing out all the power from his dynamos, so it's actually pretty straight forward.
      • Based off one of his quotes in Bethma Lake (Night), wherein he mentions his dynamos going into "power save mode", the primary energy source for charging is sunlight.

  • The control units for the dynamos are Add's eyes. The left eye (which is, notably, always lit up with a white light, whereas the right eye only lights up during awakening/dynamo configuration mode) is the primary control unit that handles most of the work. The left eye also controls his right-side trio of dynamos, while the right eye controls the left-side trio.
    • If, for whatever reason, he had an eye damaged or removed, he could still control his dynamos as long as the surviving eye was the primary left-side one. With his right eye removed, he'd only be able to control half his dynamos properly, with the other three having a noticeably sluggish reaction time and weaker output. If his left eye was removed, he would lose all active control of the left-side trio and the right-side trio would be extremely erratic. If he lost both eyes, the dynamos would enter an idle mode and stop responding.

    • This seems a little odd if we put Mastermind into the equation, since the feature that makes his dynamos unique is that they "move on their own according to their owner's thoughts and wills". But we should also remember that Mastermind has like a million drones running around doing their own thing, instead of just having six dynamos to control. MM's improved AI allows his additional drones to react according to his commands without him needing to divide up his concentration, basically.

    • When not actively commanding his dynamos, their default instructions are to follow Add around, usually hovering over his back like wings. They would continue to do this even if he was knocked out, as long as the dynamos themselves were not damaged. However, if his eyes were damaged this may interfere with the Dynamos' default mode, since they need to be able to track his eyes. If his eyes were still functional but removed, they would continue to follow his disembodied eyes around (or rembodied, if someone ever wants to try and steal them I... guess...).

    • Add can also control his dynamos with voice commands, to a limited degree. This is mainly used outside of battle for mundane tasks like recording information and sassing people.

  • To prevent his attacks from electrocuting himself (and to allow him to levitate via magnetism), Add has small electrodes embedded in his clothing, with clusters of them in his gloves and the soles of his shoes. He can still use his dynamos without these, since he's still in control of them, but it's a bit dangerous since one miscalculated move means getting shocked by his own attacks, and a lot of the time he's shoving his hands and feet right into that shit.
    • Lunatic Psyker uses a fuckload of these since he's shitting out plasma near constantly. LP also may or may not have some small implants in his body as well to assist with more precise energy control, since his entire specialization is controlling massive amounts of electricity/plasma. He can't really risk losing a glove and shocking himself to death because of it.

    • This is also how the Nasod Armor is produced! By manipulating energy from the dynamos over the electrodes on his body, he can create an electromagnetic field of bullshit over himself to more precisely amplify his attacks.

    • This is also why he has a reasonably high resistance to magic-based attacks, since his clothing is designed to safely redirect energy. It doesn't work as effectively on attacks he isn't in control of, though, so he can't completely avoid getting electrocuted/blasted by attacks. Just lessen the damage by spreading it out over his body.

  • Diabolic Esper gets his own bullet chain.
    • Diabolic Esper's dynamos, besides the timeshit that I'm sure as fuck not getting into, are specialized in efficiently drawing mana from both Add and the surrounding environment.
      • This was a necessary upgrade because manipulating timespace takes up a lot of raw power, and Add deemed it inefficient to rely mostly on his own mana when he could very well have a large store of energy in his dynamo batteries. So instead, he freely switches between the two to maximize energy efficiency.

      • He can freely move El energy between his personal mana pool and the dynamos' batteries. He's also learned how to draw mana out of other people, as seen through his use of Force Finger (saps MP to fuel his own MP/DP).

    • His clothing is slightly more specialized compared to that of LP/MM, which is also why it looks like some kind of armoured mecha pilot suit. He's constantly hopping in and out of distortions in timespace, and exposure to these cracks in reality can have harmful effects on his body. Thus, DE's clothing is coated with a material that safely resist timespace radiation or distortions or whatever.
      • The wing drones that hover over his back also project a protective shielding from timespace radiation, since he's too cool to wear a helmet. The generator and control unit for the wing drones are on his back, but its not that complex since all it's programmed to do is make the drones hover near him and generate a shield. He can't directly control them at all like he does with the dynamos.

      • In the Time Tracer quest dialogue, Echo describes Add's affliction as a "poison", and also claims to cure it/help him install a safety device to prevent it from happening again (except then DE shows how much good that did). This radiation is what caused Add's eyes to start turning black. Might also be why DE is so dang skinny. He can resist the effects of the reality distortions, but he's still not fully immune to them, and continued use of his powers will eventually cause more serious damage.

      • Aisha can also teleport in all her paths and manipulate timespace as Dimension Witch, but she's a magical girl protected by love, friendship, and mystical moonstones. Plus her powers are more safe and controlled than tearing literal gaping holes in reality, so.

      • The purple diamonds on his feet may or may not light up whenever he takes a step. He has to make up for the dorkiness lost from the lack of a cat ear hoodie somehow.

  • The Nasod Library also gets its own bulletchain because I'm starting to realize how fucking weird it is. It's referred to as both the "Ancient" and "Nasod" library, depending on the source, which implies it is not only full of Nasod data but has technology in it that would be considered Ancient even at the time it was discovered by Add. The presence of food supplies also suggests it wasn't built purely by Nasods. From this, the most likely scenario is that the library was constructed by the original creators of the Nasod race, or at least by the humans who worked on the very early versions of them.
    • The library also existed in a pocket dimension similar to Henir's Time and Space, as said by Add himself. It "collapsed" when he escaped, which means that either A) Add left the library because he knew it was going to implode, B) Add is incredibly lucky with his timing and this just happened to go down after he left, or C) the act of Add leaving is what actually caused the library's destruction. Considering the kind of weird shit his dynamos can do even before he starts learning how to bend time and space to his will, I'm betting on option C until proven otherwise.

    • The basic concepts for Add's Dynamos were most likely left behind by the previous owners/inhabitants? of the library, and then expanded upon by Add over the years as he went over their research.

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