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Mirror!Elsword Analysis

Keywords for Elsword:
Stupidly courageous. Blunt. Reliable and eager to help others. Rude. Not all that "honourable" in combat, and not afraid to fight dirty. Relaxed and outgoing. As a Rune Slayer, he overcame his sister complex by making his own path in studying magic.
And so, reflecting those keywords:
A tactical and realistic thinker. Careful with his words. Unreliable and hesitant to help others if it doesn't benefit himself. Polite (in appearance). Extremely honourable, despises dirty fighting. Tense and introverted. As a Lord Knight, he continued to see his sister as a goal to reach and overcome.

As a child, Mirror!Elsword (who shall henceforth be known as "Mels") still looked up to his sister and idolized her. However, he didn't react as well to her disappearance. He saw it as her abandoning him and came to resent her over the years, becoming a much more bitter and distrusting person. Instead of bettering himself and becoming stronger to make her proud, he did it to prove to himself that he never needed her to begin with. Mels believes that he is much stronger than Elsa ever was or ever will be, and only searches for her so he can defeat and punish her for leaving him alone all those years.

For the real Elsword, his sister isn't much of a nerve; when others mention her around him, he tries to brush it off rather than make a big deal out of it. For Mels, he hates hearing about her and is quick to go off on an angry rant whenever she's brought up. But despite all his anger towards Elsa, saying that he hates her would still be a lie. He believes he hates her, but deep down he misses her even more than his real thing. He wants her to suffer for abandoning him as a child, but he also wants things to go back to how they were when she was still around. Unlike Elsword, Mels still hasn't gotten over her. He would be utterly devastated if he found out she died or something happened to her when she disappeared, and while the real Elsword would likely recover from such a discovery, Mels never would.

Mels is the exactly what one would expect from someone titled "Lord Knight". He is quiet for the most part, but when he speaks he's always careful and polite with his wording. He dislikes arguing and petty, childish things. In battle he's always clean and fair, even when his opponents are not. He has a strong sense of justice, honour, and chivalry (though it is, of course, twisted to favour his Queen). While Elsword usually goes with his gut feelings when it comes to decisions, Mels always decides based on cold facts and what is most likely to benefit him in the long term. Mels never would have let Raven join his party, let alone survive the battle, and he never would have awakened Eve in the first place because every other Nasod he'd met had been an enemy. He also wouldn't have become an El Scout either, perhaps a mercenary of a sort.

Mels sees his real thing as a failure. Elsword chose to learn magic rather than refine his swordplay, and in Mels' mind that's giving up on ever surpassing Elsa. He thinks Elsword is weak, stupid, and painfully naive. He sees Elsword as an insult to himself, but also reasons that it's not really his fault his real thing is so pathetic. If given the chance, he'd be very quick to "correct" the "mistakes" in his real thing's life (read: kill all the friends he doesn't like and/or try to force them to change).

If he had the opportunity to meet his real thing in person, he'd force him into a duel to the death to decide who deserves to exist, probably while screaming off all the reasons he's such a failure and a weakling and an insult (and then probably lose because he's so blinded by hate he wouldn't even recognize Elsword as a worthy opponent).